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Eddie Gaedel Scorecard from August 19, 1951 Now Available; Immediate shipment

St. Louis' Biggest Baseball Event in Major League History: 62 Years and Counting

Midget Eddie Gaedel Still Remembered for Baseballs #1 Event but nobody in St. Louis knew it then. 

St. Louis, MO, August 19, 2013  -  While there's been more than a few players who batted only once in their major league baseball career, one particular player stands out amongst the crowd - 62 years after he batted. That was Eddie Gaedel. The date was August 19, 1951.

He is the only midget who ever played professional baseball in the Major Leagues. If this is considered a record, it will never be broken as baseball immediately banned midgets from playing in the Majors. Gaedel stood 3 feet, 7 inches tall and weighed in at 65 pounds. His uniform number was 1/8.
Eddie Gaedel came up to bat for Frank Saucier as the first batter in the second game of a double header. Sportscaster, Bob Costas, has described this event as the "craziest single at-bat ever." This has been identified in some circles as the number one "event" in the history of major league baseball.

Bill Rogers, President of the St. Louis Browns Fan Club, says this beats out other outstanding plays over the years for the greatest catch, the longest home run, the best pitched game and other achievements. Rogers says the fan club receives inquiries on a regular basis about the Gaedel story.
The St. Louis Browns Fan Club has an exact duplicate scorecard available of the game between the Browns and Detroit Tigers. Gaedel is listed in the scorecard with other known players such as Hank Arft, Sherman Lollar, Ken Wood, Satchel Paige, Jim Delsing, Coach Max Patkin, John Beradino and others.

Two surviving Browns players from this game day and are Ned Garver (pitcher) and Frank Saucier (outfield).
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Bill Rogers, Browns Fan Club President examining a photo collage of Eddie Gaedel's career in baseball.



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